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"A Fedora Topped Gumshoe of Old"

The Westchester Journal

Unmasked the Real   Great Gatsby

The London Sunday Mail

"The Great Gatsby       Sleuth" 

The Washington Post


Investigations from your house

to the White House

"The Man With the Trusting Eyes"

The New York Times

Our Philosophy:


Our team is ready to hit the road by land, sea, and air, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Home base is Charleston, SC.  No suspicion should go unchecked.  You could be here:  stuck in a relationship where it just feels one sided and your significant other simply "checks out."  Why?  

Sitting at a red light and suddenly get jolted forward by a stranger hitting you at 40 MPH.  You are weary of lawyers or do not know any you can trust.  

You have an upstart company and find yourself being conned or blackmailed and have been backed into a financial corner.  We have the experience, network, understanding, and gall to stand up and fight for what you believe in.