Newspapers from September 6 2001 in California and places I drove back to South Carolina across the country from Sea to Shinning Sea.  I observed America change in the aftermath of the HATE that changed the world forever. These events gave rise to my vision of the need for a New Beginning to develop  One Humanity Under God composed of the Red, Black, Yellow, Khaki, and White nations of the world dedicated to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


My Poem Heard Coast to Coast on Phil Paleogolis's Diner Show from Massachusetts in 2002.

What I found in the rubble of Ground Zero as I was driven around by NYPD  writing he poem.

   THE 9/11 BANNER with Photos of fallen NYPD, NYFD, Transit Authority Heroes.

The Banner was personally delivered to Commissioner Ray Kelly's Office by me

Michelle Comen, Allison Hopkins Steffins, Judith Peterson,  representing Charleston County Schools in SC

Chief Reuben Greenberg representing Charleston City Police

Chief Rusty Thomas representing Charleston Fire Dept.

The Comen Detective Agency - Kyle, Casey, and Howard Comen

            MY STORY FROM 1988 TO 9/11/01

My book "Angels on the Bridge" chronicling my metaphysical, interfaith investigation published September 10, 2001

On September 11 2001 I was in Cosa Mesa California on an investigation of a custody case involving illegal, drugs and child endangerment, I was on the phone by 4  AM with detectives  in Richardson Texas, Phoenix Arizona, and Cleveland Ohio. I had the TV on silent. Then I saw ..........................