Wrongful Convictions:

Comen has been involved in many cases uncovering wrongful convictions, with the culmination of them being the formation of the Low Country Justice Commission. Comen served as the commission's director.

Literature Mystery:

Spearheaded an investigation along side renowned literature professor Matthew Bruccoli in the search for the real Great Gatsby,  the source behind Fitzgerald's fictional character.  

Interfaith Partners of South Carolina (IPSC):

For over 25 years, Comen has been working to develop projects to bring people from all walks of life and religions together for the overall good of the community in Charleston. Howard Comen, Charleston Police Chief Reuben Greenberg, Episcopal Bishop Edward Salmon, Catholic Bishop David Thompson, Rabbi Doron Aizenman, and a host of other representatives of all faiths developed the Congress of Religions. This transformed more recently into the IPSC, and its efforts have resulted in interfaith harmony. Governor Nikki Haley declared January Interfaith Harmony Month throughout South Carolina.  

International Kidnapping:

An American Girlfriend kidnapped by Russian organized crime czar is located in Germany and returned.


Comen locates a bi-polar teacher in Korea that mysteriously disappeared for her family.  Canadian and Korean Government cooperate to insure a safe return.

International Political unrest:

Comen teams up with retired Nigerian general and African Union Commander Joshua Dogonyaro on infrastructure protection in Nigeria

Interstate Kidnapping:

Husband assaults client and flees with child. Comen locates them many states away Connecticut and convinces judge to honor temporary SC court order. Comen and Connecticut Police confront and the child is returned to mom.

Corruption Investigations:

Missing bridge inspector during the building of Interstate 526 becomes a corruption probe, and a source of his book: Angels on the Bridge.

A suicide by Vince Foster has ties 

President Bill Clinton