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I am hoping to open a dialogue on the validity of the spiritual side of my investigation of a missing bridge inspector working on the Mark Clark Expressway in Charleston SC beginning in 1988.

During my 44 year career I have crossed paths:

President George W Bush -In 1988 while "W" and I were campaigning for his dad

I suggested he consider a career in politics. He said "No I'm an oilman. I leave politics to Dad".      

Walter Cronkite - In a letter exchange Cronkite and I developed an investigative reporting concept I use to this day on public interest cases. 


Bill O'Reilly, Ike Papas, Geraldo Rivera - In an effort to put into play the Cronkite/Comen concept we enlisted these three journalist to nationalize our Mark Clark Expressway Corruption investigation.

Imam W.D. Mohammed- The Imam and I worked on a number of interfaith adventures. 

Rabbi Menachem Schneerson- I conferred with the Rebbe and the Lubavitch Hassids worldwide on our adventures  

The World Series Champion 2004 Boston Red Sox- In 2003 my wife, my son Kyle,  and

I made the Red Sox aware of "Angels on the Bridge", made Heaven aware of the Curse of the Bambino, and in 2004 the curse vanished as the Sox came back against the Yankees and Cardinals to win the World Series for the first time since they sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees.

The Great Gatsby - Working with USC Professor Matthew Bruccoli and University of Meunster Professor Horst Kruse we uncovered the truth behind the Jay Gatsby/Max von Gerlach mystery.

A number of spirits killed on 9/11- While riding with NYPD one year after 9/11 throughout the tragic site I could feel the pain of those killed. I later wrote a poem for a New England Radio Show that attracted interest from some families of those killed.


The spirit of St Catherine of Siena -   My client on the missing bridge inspector case wanted to go to a trance medium. Thus began my connection to spirits, heaven, my own faith, your faith, and God 

President Bill Clinton ( the Vince Foster suicide) - Chris Ruddy of the NY Post ( Now President of NewsMax) needed a bodyguard as he investigated the Foster Suicide. 
My book Angels on the Bridge chronicles most of these adventures. It is important to me, at 67, to decide if this adventure was in fact God or just another misdirected fantasy.
Howie Comen