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Comen International:

Comen started and has been adding to a global network of 600 investigators all over the world, including the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, and every level of federal, military, and international law enforcement.

Meet the Man: 


 Howard Gerald Comen is named after an Uncle and Cousin killed fighting for Freedom in World War 2. He has a Political Science Degree from the University of South Carolina. He resides in Charleston South Carolina.
White at USC Comen developed a Student Marshall Program for the University to serve as a buffer between students, administrators, and law enforcement during riots. After three women were raped on campus Comen developed a Student Night Patrol andreceived a Carnegie Institute grant to publish his ideas on the Student's Role in Handling Campus Affairs.  
He holds South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Private Detective License #30.  He conducts investigations world wide and has on the ground in South Africa, Nigeria, England, France, Canada, Mexico. Comen has investigated public officials from small town Mayors to the President of the United States. 
Comen, Mclenton, and Kenyan Bishop John Bulinda are in the beginning stages of the development of a Trinity of Equality in Economic Opportunity, Education, and Justice for Kenya in the hope of spreading the concept to all of Africa and beyond.  
He has spent all of his life since his college days trying to bring about Interfaith, Racial, Tribal, Ethnic and Gender Equity. 
He is on the Board of Directors of the Open Heart Closed Case initiative to solve cold case murders, missing persons, and child endangerment. He has been published in the NY Times, Washington Post, and many other publications. He even was published by both Hasidim's Concord and The Muslim Journal. 
Open Heart Closed Case founder Ken McClenton, the Exceptional Conservative TV Show Host and Comen, a 1960s era JFK  liberal somewhat conservative by today's standards co host SHADES OF HUMANITY:ONE RACE DIFFERENT SHADES on TECNTV. They are in the process of developing a second show,  THE AFRICAN DISAPORA with the African Union Ambassador. Plans are also in the works for SHADES OF HUMANITY to be expended for regional localized programming. 
 Howard has investigations featured by:

Geraldo Rivera

Bill O'Reilly

The New York Times

London Sunday Mail

Toronto Globe and Mail

Washington Post


Pittsburgh Tribune

Miami Herald

Buffalo News



and other media outlets.