Trinity of Equality, Equal Economic Opportunity, Equal Justice, and Equal Education is a vehicle to build that army dedicated to solving the problems that are the root of all this hatred and evil inclinations.. Your team must be of equals in gender, race, faith, tribes, and ethnicity. We have a very loose framework developed. 

Step One- Bring your city into the dialogue, Develop a local team of:

1.Educators ( based at a university using their economics, education, criminal justice and law school)

2.Chamber of Commerce and local school system.

3.Mayor Office ( coordinator and grant writers

4. Clergy

Step 2 Pair up with a Mayors office or Governors office in Kenya.

1. Define specific problems to be dealt with in Kenya and in the local  city.

2. Develop individual dialogues between cities in Kenya, Nigeria, and the Congo. and cities individually and collectively by utilizing the Internet to feed and fuel this  movement.
Step 3 Kenya
1. Gather leadership of all 42 tribes and the government of Kenya

2. Have the political and tribal leadership define a number of problems they would like to work on solving. Develop economic ideas with Kenyan Geo Political entities ( Mayors, Governors) University business and economics departments, the Chambers of Commerce, and each participating  Mayors offices  coordinated by the Mayors and Dr Gorga in Massachusetts.

3.Develop educational ideas with Kenyan Geo-Political entities and University Education Departments and local school systems coordinated by the Mayors offices.

4.Develop Equal Justice initiatives with University criminal justice and law schools to identify problems. Ilan Hendelman will develop an anti terrorism/civil defense initiative in  each participating city interested in coordination with a university both in and Kenya

This is a work in progress. Nothing is set in stone, yet.


All participating cities should consider establishing International Harmony Month modeled after the South Carolina effort of Ambassador Haley ( then Governor) and Interfaith Partners of South Carolina.

The following proclamation should be adopted in participating cities and states should adopt this effort as well. These efforts should be housed at a University Religious Studies departments.