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The World Conference of Mayors is developing the Trinity of Equality (Economic Opportunity, Education, and Justice) initiative and the Anti Terrorism Civil Defense initiative in Kenya. This will be the model for Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the rest of the world.


Tuskegee, Alabama, USA


 The National Cohesion and Integration Commission, 

The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry 

The State Department of Interior and Coordination of National Development

The Chair Council of Governors

The Kenyan Embassy Washington DC  

The World Conference of Mayors stands ready to develop it's Trinity of Equality and Anti-Terrorist Civil Defense initiatives for the people of Kenya. We would like to expand our efforts to all of Africa and the world. .
Our Mayors will use it's team of economists, educators, attorneys, and health care professionals to develop strategies to bring about equal economic opportunity, equal education, equal justice and equal health care. In these days of terrorism, all our communities must band together to develop a civil defense anti-terrorism posture involving all our citizens.

The fundamental goals of the WCM are: Trust, Trade, Tourism, Technology, Treasury, Training, and the Twin city programs and services between mayors, cities and other local public officials and jurisdiction around the world. The primary functions of the WCM are to collaborate, stimulate, and support positive and constructive relations between mayors and other local public officials internationally, based on interlocking interest and concerns.   We feel that under these two initiatives using universities, professors, and students to define problems and develop solutions to those problems, WCM can establish a sustainable effort in all of our areas of interest. We particularly take note of your effort to empower the students in this process. We recognize these students can be part of the development of solutions to the problems they will inherit from our generation.  

We also see the value of forming teams oblivious to politics, race, ethnicity, faith or gender. To solve societies problems. We feel these two initiatives will force people to celebrate their similarities and respect their differences by working together.  

Our Mayors will form local teams among our participating cities along with their Chambers of Commerce and university departments (business, economics, criminal justice, law, health care) to develop these strategies. Similar teams will be developed at Kenya's universities. We feel bringing economic opportunities to Kenya by putting together a team of tribal leaders, could turn the tribal and ethnic hatred into a financially rewarding effort for all the tribes. We can see where this strategy in Kenya could be developed throughout Africa and the rest of the world to turn people that are against each other into teams of economic cooperation and equality for all citizens.

The consortium of the World Conference of Mayors, their local Chambers of Commerce, and local universities could benefit our cities as well. We agree that the goal will be to import businesses and industries into Kenya and develop markets in the cities of members on the WCM. Tribal leaders working with our Kenyan team will oversee the business and industries. This should turn the tribal and ethnic hatred and violence into a "team" working to better themselves and their tribes economically.

I would like to Chair a phone conference with the WCM Board of Mayors, our Chair People of our two initiatives, and the Tribal and Government leaders  of Kenya to begin the dialogue. I would like the dialogue to begin around July 8th to give enough time to develop strategies and notify the people of Kenya prior to your August 8th elections. 

Below are our Civil Defense/Anti Terrorism and Trinity of Equality- Economics initiatives as well as backgrounds on our Chairs..Information on our Economics and Civil Defense Chairs can be found on their initiatives pages. 

Johnny Ford
Bishop John Bulinda

Sent by Howie Comen Special Assistant to WCM - Kenya Initiatives



Johnny Ford,Former Mayor

Tuskegee, Alabama

A native of the great State of Alabama, Johnny Lawrence Ford grew up in Tuskegee, the home of Tuskegee University, “the Pride of the Swift-Growing South,” also the home of the famed Tuskegee Airmen. He graduated from Tuskegee Institute High School and received his B.A. degree in history and sociology from Knoxville College, Knoxville, Tennessee, and a Masters of Public Administration from Auburn University at Montgomery. He also received 5 honorary degrees including The Honorary Doctorate of Laws from Alabama A & M University in 2004.

Elected as the 1st African-American Mayor of the City of Tuskegee in 1972, Mayor Ford served six terms from 1972 – 1996 and was again elected to that office in September, 2004. In 1998, he was elected Representative from District 82 to the State Legislature, where he served on the County and Municipal Government Committee, the Lee County Legislation Committee, the Health Committee, and the Tourism and Travel Committee. The Honorable Ford retained his legislative position until his return to office as mayor of Tuskegee.

As Founder of the World Conference of Mayors, Inc., The Honorable Ford also serves as Secretary General. He is a Founder and President-Emeritus of the National Conference of Black Mayors, Inc., and a former member of the Alabama Foreign Trade Commission and the Alabama Municipal Electric Authority. While Mayor, Banjul, The Gambia was designated as the Tuskegee Sister City; therefore, he has worked closely with the country, The Gambia, for many years. Furthermore, he has served as Co-Chairman of the National Policy Alliance, which is an arm of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. The National Policy Alliance Center for Political and Economic Studies is comprised of The National Bar Association, The Congressional Black Caucus, The World Conference of Mayors, The National Conference of Black Mayors, The National Association of Black County Officials, The National Black Caucus of School Board Members, Blacks in Government, The National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials, as well as the Joint Center For Political and Economic Development.

The Honorable Ford has served as a former U.S. Presidential Appointee to the National Advisory Committee on Federalism, and the Intergovernmental Policy Advisory Committee on Trade. He is a past President of the Alabama League of Municipalities, and the first African-American in Alabama History to be elected to this statewide position.

The Honorable Ford is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, the Founding President of the Tuskegee Optimist Club, a member of the Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, and a member of Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church, the home church of Dr. Booker T. Washington.

He is married to the Honorable Judge Joyce London Alexander, Retired, Former Chief U. S. Magistrate Judge, of the District of Massachusetts. She was the First Female Chief United States Magistrate Judge in the USA. She is Past Chair of the Judicial Council of the National Bar Association, and of the Board of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.

He is also the proud father of three adult children…John, Christopher, and Tiffany…The Honorable Ford has four grandchildren. The Fords have a second home on Garden Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


My Name is John Bulinda FROM Kenya, East Africa.  I am married to a Godly woman for 25 years and we have 2 children and 3 grand children.   

I arrived in 2013 as a Missionary on divine assignment to  the USA to pray for this Great Nation. 

In 2014, I was in Ferguson, Missouri as part of the Prayer Team praying for  Peace during the chaos following the shooting of Mike Brown.


I have been privileged to visit a number of states teaching about the SHOFAR (Ram's Horn) as an instrument of Peace, Spiritual Warfare and of healing of the nations. 

I am connected with Stuart Weeks, Founder of Center of American studies and was one of the inaugural Forum on Race Keeping the Faith that was started in Tuskegee in Alabama in April 2016. 
Stuart Sinclair Weeks


President John Adams wrote that the great grandfathers study war, so the grandfathers can study politics, so the fathers can study business, so the sons (and daughters) can study history, literature, and philosophy. Stuart-Sinclair Weeks’ forbears have served in state or national office for the last eight generations. His great-grandfather, John Wingate Weeks, was a United States Senator, Secretary of War in the Cabinets of Harding and Coolidge, and played a central role in one of the central dramas of our age: the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. Stuart’s grandfather, Sinclair Weeks, was a political leader, U.S. senator, and Secretary of Commerce under Eisenhower. The author’s father, Sinclair Weeks Jr., was a business leader, as CEO of Reed & Barton and a director of the National Association of Manufacturers.

Stuart Weeks has directed his creative energies into the cultural sector, as a writer, educator, radio host, and founder and director of The Center for American Studies in Concord, Massachusetts and convener of the Bretton Woods IV Convocation. In the former capacity, he has hosted programs for a wide range of audiences, including over 500 international leaders from 68 nations, introducing them to American culture through the window of Concord. He is the author of the column, Uncommon Sense; A Prayer for Our Land; and the book, The Lord of Cat Bow. In 2002, Stuart initiated the publication of Ralph Waldo Emerson's complete masterwork The Natural History of the Intellect, and is drawing to conclusion a triple-trilogy that, together, comprises “chapters” that would contribute to the unfolding “story” of our age.
Howard Comen
P.O. Box 39413
Charleston, South Carolina

Owner Comen International Detective Agency

 He has been licensed by SLED since 1973 and holds license number 30.  He has lived in Charleston, SC since 1972, and has had various investigations in all 50 states and countries all over the world.  He has been involved in the activities of Presidents, Writers, Actors, News Anchors, Law Enforcement Directors, Interstate catastrophes, and various other well-known projects, groups, and individuals.  

He holds a BA in Political Science from the University of South Carolina in 1971 and has over 60 credit hours of continuing education hours designated by SLED ( the South Carolina Law Enforcement Department).

 Comen has been involved in Interfaith and Racial Harmony projects of local, state, National, and International interest since the mid 1980's  

Howard has conducted in country investigations in Nigeria, Canada, Mexico, France, South Africa, and has conducted investigations in worldwide.

Howard has investigations featured by:
Geraldo Rivera, Bill O'Reilly, The New York Times, London Sunday Mail, Toronto Globe and Mail, Washington Post, Newsday, 
Pittsburgh Tribune, Miami Herald, Buffalo News, CNN, MSNBC, and other media outlets.


CHAIR DR, Carmine Gorga

Carmine Gorga (December 8, 1935), an Italian political scientist, naturalized American citizen.

Recipient of a PhD in Political Science from the University of Naples in 1959 and an MA in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins’ SAIS in 1962.

Among numerous academic honors, recipient of a Council of Europe Scholarship in 1960 and a Fulbright Scholarship in 1961.

Economist and Marketing Analyst for A. C. Nielsen: 1963-1965.

City Planner for Community Planning Services in Boston, MA: 1965-1968.

Director of Planning and Economic Development for Action Inc. in Gloucester, MA: 1968-1972.

Consultant for the U.S. Department of Commerce Gloucester Laboratory of the National Marine Fisheries Service 1980s and 1990s.

Executive Director of Gloucester Community Development Corporation: 1999-present.

President of The Somist Institute: 2004-present.

Helped create Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association.

Preserved public transportation system on Cape Ann.

Helped introduce fresh fish in supermarkets chains.

Helped create Society for the Encouragement of the Arts on Cape Ann (seARTS).

With 27 years of assistance from Professor Franco Modigliani, a Nobel Laureate in Economics from MIT, developed Concordian economics.


The Economic Process (2002, 2009, 2016).

To My Polis (2009).

Quality Assurance of Seafood (with Louis J. Ronsivalli) (1988).

Numerous papers, see Google Scholar.


See http://www.a-new-economic-atlas.com/p/evaluations.html.

The latest evaluation is from Professor Michael E. Brady: “Carmine Gorga… is the only modern day economist who has… provided an analysis… that has the same type of generality as possessed by Aristotle’s theory and aims for the same kinds of outcomes in terms of a dominant, very large, stable middle class.” (“On the Updating and Reformulations, Added by Adam Smith and J M Keynes, to Aristotle's Universal, General Theory of Economics, Politics, Civics, and Institutions” (June 7, 2017). Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=2982921).



Chair Ilan Hendelman

Ilan has many years experience in International Executive Protection, counter intelligence, surveillance for the Israeli Government and many major corporations throughout the world. He has protected Israeli Heads of State, Ministers, Ambassadors and Military Attaché such as Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Benjamin Netanyahou, Ariel Sharon and the former president of Israel Haim Herzog. Specialized security assignments to provide ongoing protection include military bases and commercial enterprises. Most recently Ilan served as head of security for the Secretary of Agriculture of Mexico, for a two year term.

Ilan served in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) as a commander in the Elite Paratrooper Intelligence Unit. His military career was focused on hostile territories which included collecting and gathering military intelligence and anti-terrorists combat. One of his largest assignments involved protecting Israeli Secret Service Investigators beyond the Green Line in Lebanon, Jordan, Judea and Samaria.

In 1985 Ilan attained diplomatic status as a special agent while stationed at the Israeli Embassy in New York City. During this assignment his key role was to provide diplomatic protection for Yitzhak Rabin and various Israeli officials. This assignment required Ilan to travel to military bases, the White House the Pentagon Capital Hill and various locations throughout Washington, D.C.

Upon completion of his diplomatic mission for the Israeli Government he took the position of Security Director of Fleet Management Enterprises (FME) for the Executive Transportation Corporation. He was responsible for managing the use, locations and maintenance of all vehicles; supervising 254 employees and support personal. He established new rules, procedures and regulations which reduced costs and enabled the company to increase vehicle utilization and therefore company profits.

In 1996 Ilan completed his contract with FME and pursued his career as a commander of an elite civilian Special Forces unit stationed in Sau-Paulo, Brazil. The key role was to provide security for the Safra Family, who were the owners of the Safra Bank in Brazil and the Republic National Bank in New York State. Ilan designed and planned threat assessment models and procedures for principal protection, as well as facility security procedures for commercial and private buildings. While on this assignment he commanded a team consisting of 42 professional agents with skill sets ranging from dealing with terrorist attacks to office security. He received the highest praise from those he worked for and the community itself because of his ability to keep the territory safe.

Ilan continued his professional career in Las Vegas, Nevada, when he was requested by the President and CEO of the Sands Hotel and Casino, (now The Venetian), Mr. Sheldon G. Adelson, to establish the security procedures and policies for the Hotel and Mr. Adelson’s family and personal residence. He created risk assessment analysis techniques and developed advanced security training methods that have been adopted by many of the businesses in Las Vegas over the years. Ilan’s ability to adapt to any situation regarding security and military threat situations has made him an invaluable member of every organization he has worked with.

Ilan has been associated with Comen International Detective Agency for several years and is currently working with several assignments including executive protection and anti-terrorism training.





Richard Mwangi Muturi

P.O Box 1780-0900
Kiambu, Kenya


Speech from Salim Bakari at End of Practical Internship at KCAA Headquarters

“I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Richard Muturi and his team in making the KCAA head office launch documentary which aired on multiple national TV networks, the best production that this parastatal institution has ever produced. During his internship here at KCAA, Richard was dedicated to his task and duties and worked tirelessly as a team player and sometimes individually with little supervision to make this institution a shining star in the media. He was always on time, persistent, objective and detail-oriented staff who also worked long hours to beat the deadline. In his short time here, he has inspired all us at KCAA to not only beat expectations but to exceed them. On behalf of KCAA staff, we wish you success in your future career.”

Salim A. Bakari

Chief Corporate Communication Officer
Kenya Civil Aviation Authority


St. PAUL’S UNIVERSITY Nairobi Campus
Bachelor of Arts 2013 - 2016
Public Relations & Mass Communication
GPA: second clas upper division


Diploma Certificate 2010 - 2012

Journalism & Mass Communication
GPA: credit

Honors: - Peer chancellor representative


Certificate 2004 - 2008

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education
Honors: - Straight Club Chairman


Safe water ambassador

Currently working as a clean and safe water ambassador in Kenya, under the arms of MolecuLoc international (USA)

Under MolecuLoc, I have engaged on water purification and sensitization activities at both Nairobi and Turkana counties.

Public Relationship Officer Jan 2016 – Apr 2016


Duties and Responsibilities:
Gatekeeper for adherence to office protocol

Attending tender openings and representing the company in various occasions as directed

Liaising and linking between departments

Occasional planning of events and shooting photography

Writing feature stories related to the institution

Writing speeches and briefs for the top management

Collecting and analyzing data from print and online media

Freelance Media Personnel officer

Duties and Responsibilities:
Events video shooting, editing and producing
Photography shooting, printing and presenting

Computer Skills

Excel, Access, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Adobe premier pro

Language English (fluent), Swahili (fluent)

Professional Reference
Salim A. Bakari
Chief Corporate Communication Officer
Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
Tel. 0722702182
Email: asalim@kcaa.or.ke

Mwadime Wa’kesho
Public Relations Officer
Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
Tel. 0723243640

John Kanja
Head of Department
St. Paul's University
Tel: 0721255478
ADDRESS : 50100-2515
CELL PHONE : +254728437467
EMAIL ADDRESS : abondison2@gmail.com



To acquire knowledge in Education for the improvement of the society and nation at large.

Perform my duty with the highest degree of integrity to ensure transparency within the establishment of the firm's goals and objectives.

Foster cooperation in the organization ,ensure there is highest degree of integrity, transparency and accountability in its day to day operation.


I am an industrious, innovative and self-motivated individual attentive to details alongside being able to a multitask and a team player able to work under minimal supervision and also in hardship condition to meet deadline. Determine and led by goals for objectives of the firms.


March 2016 to Date - Chairperson of Upendo Family Self Help Group.

Directed, scheduled and facilitated meetings.

Ensured we were on agenda and kept time.

Encouraged creativity, innovativeness and new ideas.

2014- 2016 - worked as a volunteer in Safer Families

Build and strengthened family values.

Taught life skills and promoted responsible behavior among my fellow youths and peers.

Did advocacy for children and safe health for mothers.

Learnt the empowerment skill through income generating activities.

2012- 2013 - Radge computers and Business Solutions.

Developed deep interest in learnt through on the job training social media application in the modern world.

2011- 2012 - Mombasa,Kenya.

Helped youth on behavior change.

Did peer counselling to youth.

Helped rehabilitation of youths on drugs.


Undergraduate student Bachelor in Education(arts) Literature -Mount Kenya University.

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education at St. Ignatius Mukumu Boys High School attained a C

Kenya Certificate of Primary Education at St. Thomas Aquinas Musoli Mixed Primary school-attained 350 marks

Bio intensive Farming
Behavior Change
Drugs Substance Abuse
Gender and Development
Finance Management
Parental Care

LANGUAGE FLUENCY: English, Swahili
Luhya- Isukha,Kabras and Idakho


EMAIL ADDRESS : vmasheti68@gmail.com



A dedicated person who wants to use her skills and education to help students achieve using traditional and modern approaches.

To excel in this field with hard work,perseverance and dedication.

To be part of the success in an environment of growth and excellence.

Foster cooperation in the organization ,ensure there is highest degree of integrity,transparency and accountability in its day to day operation.


Committed primary school teacher providing comprehensive supervision and support to pupils. Adept at creating an atmosphere conducive to learning while ensuring that the required curriculum is applied. Specialize in efficiently utilizing learning assets to foster a positive productive learning environment through astute observation and engagement.

Classroom Management
Behavior Management
Creative Questioning
Student Focused
Organized Hardworking
Knowledgeable about all areas of teaching

Life skills
Guidance and counseling
Personal Integrity and Human Dignity
Family Development
Quality Leadership,Delegation and Public Relations


2017- present - Deputy head teacher Magale Primary

Maintained an inventory of classroom supplies.

Handled disciplinary issues in accordance in accordance with school guidelines.

Delegated some responsibilities to classroom teaching assistants.

Participated in regular meetings with the administrator to provide input.

2014 – 2016 - Senior teacher at Mashindu Primary school

Ensured that students were welcomed into a positive environment conducive to learning.

Established positive relationships with students and provided tutoring when necessary.

2006 – 2013 - Imbale Primary School

Assessed students progress and adjusted lesson plans based on student abilities.

Offered constructive feed back to students and parents.

2001-2004 - Mother Kevin Primary School

Assembled detailed lesson plans in accordance with curriculum guidelines

Taught a variety of subjects including mathematics geography and basic science.

Assisted with the selection classroom materials.

Planned classroom activities and arranged for class field trips when appropriate.

1998 – 2000 – St. Augustine's Teachers College ; English 3, kiswahili 3, Maths 4, Science 4, professional studies 3,CRE 3, PE 6,Geography, History and Civics 3,Art 6, Music 3, Agriculture 3, Home science 2, Business Education 4, Practical Teaching 2.

1983 -1986 - Kenya Certificate of East Africa ; Division 3

1975 – 1982 – Certificate of Primary Education; English A-, Maths C+, General Subjects B.

LANGUAGE FLUENCY: English, Swahili, 
Luhya- Idakho


EMAIL ADDRESS : pbulinda777@gmail.com



Joined this career in education in order to interact with and model young,growing and youthful human beings to transform them into credible and foccused beings made in God's image, based in (Gen 1:27).

Classroom Management
School Administrator
Behavior Management
Spiritual Development
Knowledgeable about all areas of teaching
HIV/AIDS Awareness

Life skills
Guidance and counseling
Personal Integrity and Human Dignity
Family Development
Quality Leadership,Delegation and Public Relations

2012- 2017 - Resigned from school administration to go to Turkana County- Lodwar for missionary work.

2009 – 2011 - Head Teacher – Barut Primary School

General management of school curriculum

Management of Teachers staff/support staff

In charge of a special unit (autism)

2001 – 2009 - Deputy Headteacher – Flamingo Primary School,Mama Ngina Primary

In charge of school administration

In charge of school curriculum

In charge of discipline/counseling

Representation of Headteacher in official meetings

Member of school management committee

1999-2000 - Senior Teacher- Jamhuri Primary School

Link between teachers and pupils

In charge of school stores

In charge of child (girl) needs


Protas Bulinda one of the leaders of our Kenyan Team  developed the Global outreach Missions seminar for professional stewardship was part of the activities G.O.M. team came to do in Turkana county. Over 500 Missions did door to door evangelism where over 4500 locals gave their lives to Jesus.There was representations from Missionarys who came from most of the tribes in the 47 counties.This was a perfect scheme of promotion of peace and cohesion in our county.For instance the Pokots who are always warring with Turkanas were able to relate together.The pokots preached to and led the Turkana into salvation .Glory to the King of kings.During the seminar the speaker in the workshop opened our eyes to see that we can do our professional duties and still maintain a good relationship with God and man.From my assessment I can see God using G.O.M. team to spread peace and cohesion in the nation of Kenya. As we were having our team on the ground doing evangelism,three other teams were in three other counties doing the same Missions.The Counties were Uasin Gishu county Baringo county and Elgeyo Marakwet county.We give all the glory and honour to the Lamb of God,Jesus Christ.Type your paragraph here.

Type your paragraph here.


Professional meeting that took place August 24 organised by Protas Bulinda in Lodwar Kenya and attended by representatives of the 47 counties which make up Kenya, comprising 42 tribes.

Mob Sets Kenya Church on Fire, Killing Dozens
NY TIMES 2007=8