The Comen International Detective Agency under Ken McClenton's Open Heart Closed Case initiative will attempt to form partnerships with former private detective associates throughout the world in an effort to solve unsolved murders, missing persons and exploited child cases donating 20 hours of work per month on these cases as well as 10% of their income to fund these initiatives. 




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Please Contact: Howie Comen and Bishop John Bulinda on Kenya Initiatives.



1. Introduction

A Proactive ( as opposed to a reactive) God based  approach to Homeland Security for  Law Enforcement, Government, Industry, and Civilian personal safety. DDominican University would be the perfect home for anti terrorism,  executive protection, and civilian awareness initiatives. This should attract both US and international law enforcement and military departments, both government and private industry. Plus, the campus could house such a training facility. In addition the Catholic University would be contributing to the national ( and international) defense of the world. plan.

2, Administration

Led by Ilan Hendelman, Former agent of the Internal Security service  Shin Bet,  Commander with Israeli Defense Force,  Executive protection agent to Israel late  Prime minister Sharon,    Head  of security as a special Agent in the Israeli consulate at New York Personal protection Team Lieder for the tycoon Mr. Sheldon Edelson the CEO of the Venetian hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Executive Security Training Facilitator to major Mexican politicians and head of states  to include governors, Mayors as well as to the president Vicente Fox. Executive Security Training Facilitator for several States Federal and municipals police in Mexico.

3. Curriculum  
Key issues  in   International terrorism
Terrorist ideology, beliefs, aim and, motivation

Terrorist modus operand
Aviation terrorism and security
Maritime terrorism and security
Critical infrastructure and protection
Cyber terrorism
Weapons of mass destruction using by terrorist

Psychology of terrorism 
Terrorism and human rights major issue

The Global Jihad: Ideology, Structure, and Modus Operandi
Counter-Terrorism Dilemmas
The Global Jihadi Terrorism – Target Selection From  the  Jihad
Counter-Terrorism Intelligence Analysis
Global Terrorism in Europe – Case Studies
Terrorism Financing
Threat and Risk Assessment
Hostage and Extortion
Suicide Attacks
Terrorism and Technology
Psychology of Terrorism
Handling Terrorists in Correctional Systems and Prisons
Arab Culture and Environment
Terrorist use of the Internet
Cyber Terrorism
Analysis and Methodology

4.. Potential Students
The training curriculum is geared for individuals who have regular interface with counter-terrorism, intelligence and security concerns – including:
Law Enforcement
Counter-Terrorism Units
Security Services
Intelligence Agencies
Rescue Teams
First Respondents
Private Sector
Multinational corporations
Airline industry
Security Companies
Banking system
Tourism industry