​February 5, 2018
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Board of Directors,

Thank you for a tremendous Board meeting and your exuberant participation on Monday, January 29th, 2018. As President and Chairman, I was reinvigorated by everyone's excitement on what Open Heart Close Case, Inc. (OHCC) will do to reduce crime, solve open cases, and improve the overall health of our neighborhoods. OHCC, The New Life Advocacy Council-DayStar Advanced Response Ministerial Operations [“NLAC-DARMO”], and M2 Transportation Group, LLC [“M2”] have agreed to partner on the CityFront Peace Insurgence Project ("CPIP") to create over 300 transportation industry jobs, specifically for at-risk individuals in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. However, before we can begin this wonderful endeavor, we must raise $50,000 of startup capital to execute our basic business operations. We will need your access to persons and corporations that are willing and able to provide financial support for a glorious start. The time constraints are vexing as we will need to start in two weeks but, I am believing God to provide us the stewards necessary to make this happen.

CityFront is about retaking violent streets with basic commonsense principles of ministry coupled with social development, and economic focus. OHCC, NLAC-DARMO, and M2 have partnered to produce a Faith-based workforce development project that will train at-risk individuals for high paying posts in the transportation industry, provide 18 months of wrap-around support services for participating at-risk families, and generate a revenue source that makes our nonprofit a self-sustaining entity. M2 has offered to train no less than 300 at-risk individuals to obtain careers in the transportation industry from high paying sales positions with incomes up to $200,000 annually, commercial drivers with starting incomes at $100,000 annually, and administrative and management posts starting at $50,000 annually. NLAC-DARMO will provide ministerial, public safety, and project support services. OHCC will administer the agreement and provide project support services including financial literacy. We will observe and encourage the participating individuals and families to overcome internal and external challenges, improve their financial well-being to become home-buyer ready and to stabilize their families and neighborhoods to reduce crime and increase positive cultural outcomes. CPIP is molding of nonprofit and corporate performances in depressed and underserved neighborhoods to achieve these goals. The main ingredient is a bold insurgence of innovative and consistent “peace programming” that utilizes a Chaplaincy force, local congregations, civic stakeholders, nonprofit collaboration, and law enforcement/public safety officials working together to infuse communities with the strength of comprehensive outreach and a caring resolve to change lives.

High Risk & At Risk Mentoring/Proactive Community Encounters

Our focus is to target and develop high-risk recipients in urban centers by first mitigating the risk of criminality. We then create the atmosphere for neighborhoods to regain its dignity and respect by creating Drop-In centers that allow for outreach, training in taking bold steps to engage neighborhoods alongside law enforcement by promoting and fostering commonsense relationship we need to focus of unity. It’s NGO’s and Nonprofits working together as opposed to competing for pennies with little to no impact. 

Comprehensive Individual & Family Supports

We will identify individuals who are at risk for antisocial and criminal behavior, our support platforms and apparatus would also include comprehensive systems of care for family members so as to holistically secure the stability that is achieved with developing targeted individuals. Support includes marital development, parenting skills and mentoring, life skills, literacy, financial and household management, etc. It is our resolve to address any and all needs that are presented at our drop-in sites.

Workforce Readiness

Recipients are fully prepared to appreciate and engage the process of workforce readiness upon concluding the specific phases of the Lifeline Academy/LRI Life Management Initiative and the Micro Prize Education and Media Initiative. It is important to maximize and develop the basic skill sets necessary for citizens to succeed in a post-millennial workforce environment where technologies play a critical role in the movement of industries. This coupled with the development of a focused work ethic establishes a strong foundation for the deployment of that future workforce that can compete in any given market.

Industry Specific Training

We are proud and excited to join a forward-thinking company that is not afraid to brave the challenge of creating America’s future workforce in the trucking industry from those forgotten communities vastly underserved for decades. We engaged a well-advised plan to infuse one of America’s foundational industries with a workforce that is deserving of second chance supports and viable skill that fosters a profound contribution to a bedrock industry that has supported America’s business supply and expansion for decades. Such training is a clear investment in the future of American industry with a ripple effect that will spread profoundly.

Referral and Job Placement

The transportation industry has over 800.000 open positions in administrative, sales, trucking and other. Only 5% of the trucking industry is composed of women. There is a tremendous demand for men and women of quality to enter the transportation industry. With the completion of comprehensive training, students can expect referral and placement support in waiting jobs in the transportation industry. Our corporate partner begins this cycle of gainful employment with 60 open positions as the first fruits of those that will steadily move through the process of life development to workforce preparedness to viable training and skill development to gainful employment. M2 seeks to place upwards of 300 or more industry positions by the close of the fourth quarter of 2018.

The CityFront Peace Insurgence Project is a truly nuanced faith, education, and economic initiative. It is not without its costs. Participating CDL students will have to pay tuition costs of nearly $15,000 and General Transportation students to pay tuition costs of nearly $5,000 to M2. Many will ask if it is morally right to charge at-risk individuals tuition fees to obtain high paying careers in the transportation industry. However, none seem to concern themselves with the fact that many attend our Nation's finest universities and colleges spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process only to obtain positions that will pay far less than our students will earn after completing our training. For those that consider the plight of the least, the last and the lost, it would do us all well if many would donate their resources to cover the tuition costs of our at-risk individuals and families. We are open to faith, corporate, nonprofit, and individual donors making good on investing in our people and their neighborhoods.

The call is a clarion one to serve the needs of the many in order to improve the lives of the few. We can not do this without Godly stewards fashioning themselves to this cause to help our students and to give OHCC the essential capital to start. We must raise $50,000 for capital startup and we would truly love many providing financial support for our students' tuition costs. Please open your hearts, minds, souls, and strengths to find those that will help us achieve the goals of reducing crime, solving open cases, and improving the overall health of our neighborhoods in the spirit of Charnice Milton.


Kenneth McClenton
Founder, Chairman, and President
Open Heart Close Case
Phone 202-660-1329 Ext 0