by Howard Gerald Comen 12  2 2017

The day my mom and dad married and the day on their 40th wedding anniversary my Dad passed away


After six days in Detroit
with the Conference of Mayors
and a meeting  at the  A.U
I still have no players

After 30 some odd years
of fighting other people's battles
From the US to  Africa
I'm jumping off the saddle


I thought  Muslims and Hindus
Buddhists, Christians and Jews
together are human
but against lights the fuse

I  investigated a President,
told another to run
and befriended one's cousin
but got cooperation from none

I flew my team to Nigeria
on my own dime
but when we got there
we discovered a crime

So we quickly skedaddled
before we were killed
we turned back to Charleston
and paid off the bills

Cronkite and I
developed the Inside Story
But networks and locals
just said sorry.

Even God
used me to witness
his glory and presence
but my book never made anyone's list

I jousted with evil
partnered with ghosts
but reactions were feeble
no one would host

I wanted to be a lawyer
but became a detective instead
something I  will regret
until i'm dead


I rescued the Red Sox
from the Bambino's curse
but was never acknowledged
with a ring or my purse

'm done fighting evil
like dishonesty and hate
at sixty seven
it's just too late

So to the Ghosts and the Goblins
and things that go bump in the night
to those seeking help
i have turned off the light

(But the switch is on the right)