“It’s the economy Stupid” was the bumper music of the Bill Clinton run for the White House. Socialists see economic  inequality as bad for society and government’s role is to take from the rich and give to the poor to make things equal.

Democratic practitioners of Capitalism  ( the political structure not the party), believe private enterprise practices better use of economic resources. They feel the free market is a more efficient  way to determine economic vibrancy with winners  and losers.

Let’s look at AMERICA today. Socialist ideology in the form of Bernie Sanders captured the hearts and minds of young people. While people of Socialist dictator governed countries fight and die for Freedom, suffer from economic stagnation, and repression people of Capitalist countries, in particular America, enjoying freedom and the benefits of capitalism protest  it. A prime example is when ballplayers descend from their Ivory Towers making millions and millions playing football and take knee when the National Anthem is played to protest the very system that built their Ivory Towers.

Freedom of Speech is one of the foundations of this Democracy, yet huge obstacles are placed in front of Conservative speakers on college campuses. After elections political parties are supposed to find common ground. There is a No Man’s  and Woman’s Land between our two political parties a year after the election. There is a gun fight between the political parties at the Not OK Corral.  

Law Enforcement BAD.   illegal aliens, some of whom murder, rape, and rob GOOD.

Some city fathers and mothers protect illegal criminals and turn their backs on their city children. The children they were elected to protect.

Socialism is led by government control. Democracy and Capitalism are led by  “We the People”.

Do you really want to turn the clock back to when we were colonies run by a dictatorial government?  We are in a great civil war. I hope “ that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom; and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” ( borrowed from Abe Lincoln).

Howard Gerald Comen is named after an Uncle and Cousin killed fighting for Freedom in World War 2. He has a Political Science Degree from the University of South Carolina. He has spent all of his life since his college days trying to bring  about Interfaith, Racial, Tribal, Ethnic and Gender Equity. He holds Private Detective License 30 in South Carolina and

conducts investigations world wide.

He is on the Board of Directors of radio and TV host Ken McClenton’s Open Heart Closed Case initiative to solve cold case murders, missing persons, and child endangerment.  .Ken and Howard have a Friday night TV Show, SHADES OF HUMANITY:ONE RACE DIFFERENT SHADES that promotes their efforts in a number of initiatives. The OHCC program has recently entered into a contract with a major transportation industrialist to train 300 underemployed or unemployed citizens of the DC Maryland and Virginia area for high paying transportation positions. If successful the initiative will spread nationally.   

Howard is heavily involved with Bishop Bulinda, a Christian Missionary traveling the U.S. blowing the Shofar to promote  God’s message to Joshua at Jericho to replace swords with Trumpets. Comen and the Bulinda family in Kenya are attempting to promote a strategy to bring peace in Kenya and spread it to all of Africa.   The Bishop, Ken and Howard

recently met with Ambassador Quao of the African Union and at her request are developing a second TV/Radio Show THE AFRICAN DIASPORA to be broadcast throughout Africa through the A.U Offices.

Howard has been published in the NY Times, Washington Post, and many other publications. He even was published by both Hasidim’s Concord and The Muslim Journal.