Comen International:

Comen started and has been adding to a global network of 600 investigators all over the world, including the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, and every level of federal, military, and international law enforcement.

Meet the Man: 

Comen and Boxing Champ Roberto Duran



Howard Comen:

 He has been licensed by SLED since 1973 and holds license number 30.  He has lived in Charleston, SC since 1972, and has had various investigations in all 50 states and countries all over the world.  He has been involved in the activities of Presidents, Writers, Actors, News Anchors, Law Enforcement Directors, Interstate catastrophes, and various other well-known projects, groups, and individuals.  

Howard has investigations featured by:

Geraldo Rivera

Bill O'Reilly

The New York Times

London Sunday Mail

Toronto Globe and Mail

Washington Post


Pittsburgh Tribune

Miami Herald

Buffalo News



and other media outlets.